Regulars App

The Regulars app takes customer loyalty rewarding to the next level. It relieves you from physical reward cards, and gives you more of what you love.

Back in 2017 I initially created a landing page around the existing brand when it was called "Stampr". I reviewed and optimized the existing app experience and explored improvements to further develop the product.

In 2019 I was involved again in the process of re-branding which included a name and full identity change. I created a new visual identity with usage and communication guidelines and examples that followed. I also created marketing material and collaborated on the layout and the story timeline for a video explaining the benefits of the service both for merchants and users.

Client: Stampr Loyalty AB
When: 2017-2019
Role: Art Director
What: Identity
Web Design
Regulars app interface design mockups
Regulars logotype
Regulars app icon design in app store
Regulars positive and negative logotype designs
Regulars app promo design
Regulars negative logo
Regulars typography guidelines