I don't like opinions,
I prefer insights.

Hello there! My name is Jannike Johansson and I'm a Senior Art Director & User Experience Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

With over 10 years of experience in creating innovative design solutions, I've gotten to work with a wide range of sectors including fintech, e-commerce, gaming as well as large media houses and digital agencies.

My passion is creating meaningful experiences through functional and user-friendly design solutions. I make decisions substantiated by facts, not just hypotheses or opinions. This is done through rigorous research, user testing, and closely monitoring user behavior.

So what do I mean by saying “design without intent is pointless”? I mean that designing without solving a problem just for the sake of it, does not fulfill any purpose other than expressing yourself.

Designing with intent, however, is a calculated process with the purpose of creating logical and targeted experiences for the end user, which at the same time align with the desired business goals.

I would like to say that I'm a visual storyteller. By utilizing gained end user insights and understanding of the sender's intentions, I tell a story through the power of visual expression.

A selection of Clients,
Jobs & Partners

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The services
I provide

Branding &
I deliver complete guidelines over visual communication, including logotype and its usage, in a neat file.

I produce creative and selling banners and digital material, compatible with the desired marketing channel.

I design user-friendly yet powerful user experiences through rigorous investigation of the end users.

I create functional and appealing solutions with the user's needs and desired business goals first.

Print &
I create brochures, ads, business cards, flyers, roll ups, packaging, invitations, posters etc.

I offer product photography and portraits in a studio environment as well as retouching and editing.