Just Ads cross-channel Marketing made Easy

Advertisers get access to true marketing automation across channels and formats, regardless of their level of expertise.

The company needed my help with creating the brand and the design of a user friendly interface for their new service.

The biggest challenge was to visualize a very complex content structure with many parameters to keep in mind, in a simple yet easy-to-navigate layout that required no previous experience of similar services by the user. Functionality was vital and many hours were spent mapping out user journeys.

Client: Just Ads International AB
Link: justads.com
When: 2017-2018
Role: Creative Director
What: Identity
Web Design
JustAds brand book design
JustAds signup process wireframes
JustAds main setup menu design
JustAds UI exploration drafts
JustAds activity icons
JustAds signup process wireframes
JustAds interface wireframes