Solar Cells

Ecokraft offer solar panels and battery storage for all types of buildings. What makes them unique on the market is the responsibility they take to ensure both socially and environmentally sustainable production chains.

The mission was to increase the number of leads through the site and inform visitors to the world of solar panels in a simple yet engaging way, by designing a user-friendly website that stood out among the competitors.

I led the creative work for the new website and further developed their brand to help them reach the next level in their visual communication.

Client: ECOKRAFT Sverige AB
Agency: Lead XD
When: 2019-2020
Role: Creative Director
What: UI/UX
Web Design
Ecokraft landing page desktop and mobile design
Ecokraft signup flow and UI kit
Ecokraft wireframes for knowledge base
Ecokraft product landing page for solar panels
Ecokraft style guides and examples